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25+ of the Best Campgrounds on Vancouver Island

With so many pristine natural areas, Vancouver Island is the perfect place to go camping. Read on for a complete guide to the best campgrounds on Vancouver Island from provincial parks to free recreation sites!

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Essential Guide to Vancouver Island

Have you been captivated by a photo of Vancouver Island its misty ocean inlets, lush old growth rainforest or golden stretches of sand and wondered ‘where is that and how can I go there?’ Look no further – this is the guide for you!

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Vancouver Island Seasonal Calendar

Deciding when is the best time to visit a destination is always difficult. When considering your Vancouver Island adventure, it’s best to think about what kind of activities you may enjoy doing first. This seasonal calendar highlights which months are best for Vancouver Island’s biggest attractions, to help you plan your trip better!

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How to Get Around Vancouver Island

Besides working out how to get to Vancouver Island, it’s crucial to consider how to get around once you’re actually there! The chosen mode of transport not only determines the style of your trip, but also the activities and attractions you’ll be able to experience.

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How to Get to Vancouver Island

Not sure where Vancouver Island exactly is and how to get there? Discover ALL the ways (there are quite a few) to get to Vancouver Island, plus tips and tricks to ensure a more relaxing journey.